8 Steps Before Buying Ruby Gemstone

8 Steps Before Buying Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstone is the naturally beautiful and attractive birthstone for July born people. Ruby is taken from Latin world “Rub rum”.
That means Red in color. Ruby stone is found in rough form at the initial stage and formed by aluminum oxide(Al2O3).

Ruby is actually known as a type of sapphire stone. Precious Ruby has a dark red color because of the inclusion of chromium oxide.

Ruby has Refractive Index is 1.765 and a specific gravity of 3.99. The hardness of this natural precious stone is 9 MOH’s scale.

Ruby stone is highly in demand in the gem market because of its rich color and quality.

There are different mines of this precious stone that i.e. Burma, Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, and others.

Burma Rubies are expensive and considered as best in color and clarity.

Ruby stone is known as “Gem for love and relationship” and women loved to wear as jewelry.

In ancient India, people mostly believed that if they have ruby gemstone they are protected from their enemies and live their life peacefully. Ruby is a very expansive precious gemstone. But there are so many gem sellers who sell that precious gemstone at the cheapest range of price and because they sell synthetic stones. So too aware to all our customers we are sharing you idea about how to buy and from where to buy

Ruby is the prettiest stone and wonderful gift for your near and dear ones. The stunning ruby engagement ring is a symbol of love.

So ruby is the best gift for your partner to express your love and feelings. Ruby is also a valuable gift for July born people
If you want to buy beautiful ruby gemstone then check out some simple tips for buying.8 Steps Before Buying Ruby Gemstone



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