Ruby ring

Ruby Gemstone: The King Of Gemstones For July Month

Ruby Gemstone is  the “King Of Gemstones”. Rubies are rare and beautiful gemstones. .

July is lucky to have such an amazing gemstone the “Ruby”. Ruby is the birthstone for July month. Those who born in the month of July is lucky to have ruby as an astrological gemstone for them, and they will achieve greater benefits from the ruby gemstone after wearing it.

The ruby gemstone, out of all the Birthstones, has the longest history throughout the world. Ruby mainly worn by Kings.

It is true that all other color gemstones are also gaining popularity in the whole world but, the ruby’s popularity is growing with such speed that every time one comes up at auction with the tension to win the sale of the ruby.

The ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones.

The practical reason for the more popular of the ruby is its rarity and more value is due to its hardness. Ruby is the second hardest gemstone and has a hardness of 9 on Mohs scale.


History Of Ruby

According to legend, the warriors take Ruby as a talisman to protect themselves against fierce beasts and disasters and believed that Ruby will bring victory for them.

The Kings believed that Ruby symbolizes glory, power, and status. Accordingly, the Kings always interested to have a Ruby to enhance their crown and sword.

In the ancient time period, in the language of Sanskrit & the scripts of Vedas, Ruby is called as ‘ratnaraj’, which means “King of Gemstones”.

Ruby is a powerful stone and considered a magnet for prosperity, attracting abundance both materially and spiritually.

The value of Ruby gemstone is determined by its color. The rarest and most valuable color of Ruby is the bright red color. Due to its color, the Ruby held healing properties.

Ruby removing the illness relating to the blood and infection. The ruby Represents devotion, integrity, courage, and happiness. It sustains vitality, confidence, and strength to the person.