Flaws Of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby’s striking color and kingly heritage make it the choice of jewelry lovers. Rubies of large size are more worth than diamonds. Rubies are used to set in jewelry like earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces, etc.

Like other precocious gemstones, Ruby also has a number of naturally happening flaws. These are called inclusion. Rule of clarity, says that the “clearer a gemstone, the more its value”. The same quotation goes for Ruby gemstone as well. Rubies also have silk. It adds beauty to the Ruby gemstone.

Following are the main flaws that may be found in a Ruby

  • It may be silky.
  • It may be dull without brilliance and glitter.
  • It can change the definition of color.
  • There may be some cracks in its texture.
  • It may have something on the surface of Ruby.
  • Dullness in the Ruby Gemstone gives problems to the brothers.
  • Dirty Ruby does not give beneficial effects.
  • Some rubies have bubbles inside.