Ruby gemstone could be the god of Lord Sun, the ruler of the solar method, and as well the soul of all planets embracing the entire solar technique together in a single strong outer shell.

The Sun may be the presenter of the fire and even brightness of the land as it starts the day using the glow of beauty and fragrance of certain air entering all mortals and totally dominating the portrait of life with hope.

The Sun’s position in an individual’s horoscope determines his or her external appearance and public persona and provides the energy for 1’s individual power and influence over other people.

The Sun governs the fields of philosophy, government service, churches and temples, the medical profession, gold trade, and public fame.

A favorably placed Sun increases ambition, good results, and leadership qualities and makes the person particularly powerful, especially in the fields of power, politics, medicine, acting, artists, etc.

Natural Ruby gemstone has rutile crystal inclusions in it. These rutile inclusions trigger a six-rayed-star light effect (called asterism) to form the widespread Star Ruby. A superb ruby is characterized by transparency, an excess of redness, luster, and heaviness.

It has been stated that Ruby’s red glow comes from an internal flame that cannot be extinguished, developing a gift of this stone symbolic of everlasting really like.

Its hardness and durability can be a most desirable gem for Gifts. Ruby Gemstone brings effective fortune to its wearer.

Ruby is related to royalty & the power of life and death. Success in sustaining a wholesome physique, vitality, immune technique along with willpower to accomplish greatness in society is under the purview of the sun.

Ruby mines are usually noticed in China, Burma, South India, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan.

Ruby ought to be worn by individuals with Leo as their zodiac sign, or the sun`s position in his horoscope is weak.

The wearing of Ruby eradicates paucity and furnishes opulence, name, and fame in the political arena plus a son is born to the wearer. It is helpful to those that are ambitious to attain higher offices.

Rubies are to be worn on the left side of the physique as rings, a bracelet, or brooches; and have the capability to dispel evil thoughts. The wearer of the unblemished ruby enjoys wealth and property and is blessed with youngsters.

Wearing gems are noticed as an assist, perhaps even a crutch, on the other hand, the major concept is harnessing the planetary power and bringing that power in a really focused way into your body via a spiritual and psychic way.

The fingers are normally exposed and consequently, they direct the energy of the Sun by means of the physique.

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  1. Dear Sir I am Krishna a SIMHA RASHI Born individual. Will You Suggest RUBY for me ? What should be size ? What is the Cost of Finest Ruby of upto 3 Carat.

  2. one of the astrologer told me to wear a ruby stone which cost rs 6700/- . so my question is that how can i identified the originality of that ruby . is there any ruby to get in aforesaid cost?

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