Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July and has long, been regarded as a good luck gemstone. The Ruby gemstone can be studded in necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry.

Most gemstones are smaller in size, though they are expensive ones. Some important facts about Ruby are as follows:

  • Transparent Rubies of larger size are harder to find than diamonds.
  • Ruby is also known as Manik, Red Jewel, Gem of the Sun, etc.
  • Ruby is from the Corundum family.
  • No natural gemstone is harder than Ruby gemstone except diamond. Ruby has a hardness of 9.0 whereas Diamond has 10.0.
  • The color ranges of the ruby gemstone are bright red, pinkish red, dark red, brownish red, purplish-red, and pink.

Ruby Manik Gemstone Care And Cleaning

In order to clean the Ruby Gemstone, it should be washed with hot soapy water, and rinsed thoroughly afterward as detergents can cause skin problems and other allergies. To clean the ruby gemstone, one can use either an old brush or grease.

Qualities of Ruby Gemstone:-

  • Ruby is considered to be a superb quality if it ignites in the darkness.
  • If Ruby is rubbed on the stone and it shows signs of rubbing on the stone, then Ruby is called fine Ruby.
  • If Ruby does not lose weight while rubbing it on the stone, it is considered to be good Ruby.

Ruby Gemstone Caution

Ruby gemstone is not worn with Blue Sapphire, Diamond, and Hessonite.