Types of Ruby-Gemstones

Different Types of Ruby Gemstones with their Origins

Different Types of Ruby Gemstones with their Origins

Ruby gemstone is the precious and valuable gemstones. Ruby made a loyal position from the ancient times. It is valuable gemstones due to its attractive color and hardness of 9.00 on Mohs scale.

Rubies actually come from aluminum oxide or we can say from Corundum. Ruby gemstones come in different shades of red, which is determined by various elements. Chromic oxide gives the red color to ruby.

A pink or light color ruby stone exists due to the presence of chromium and iron. The rubies with the most intense shade of red have high levels of titanium.

Different Types of Rubies:

There are different types of ruby gemstones exist in the market. From types of ruby gemstones, we actually have the idea of mining area of ruby gemstones from its type name.

Now, we will discuss the different types of ruby gemstone and their origins.

1. Burmese Ruby Stones:

Burmese ruby gemstones are an excellent type of ruby gemstones.and it is one of the top-quality rubies. These rubies have a deep red color due to the presence of chromium in it. Burmese rubies are found in Myanmar.

All rubies have blemishes, if someone wants to recognize the fake ruby gemstone from the natural ruby gemstone, that person should inspect the stone from its blemish mark.


A Burma ruby stone always has a smudge on their body hence, whenever you buy a Burmese ruby stone first check the presence of blemish on the stone for its originality.

Origin: Myanmar

2. African Ruby Stone:

African Ruby gemstones are usually purplish to dark red color. These are come in varieties of sizes and qualities. The best color of African rubies is the fine dark red color.


Origin: Mozambique and Kenya

3. Thai Ruby Gemstone:

Thai rubies come from the southeast of Bangkok. These rubies are dark in color due to the combination of iron and Chromium.


Origin: Bangkok

4. Tanzania Ruby Gemstone:

 The appearance of the Tanzania ruby stone is quite similar to hessonite stone due to its color and less expensive.

It has been noticed that the intensity of color diminishes with size. As the size of the stone increases, the color of the stone starts to fade.


Origin: Songea

5. Madagascar Ruby Stone:

Madagascar is another source for a top of the line rubies and relatively new to the market. Therefore, It come in the list of top ruby gemstones.

Andilamena and Vatomandry are the two different mining regions of Madagascar rubies.

The quality of ruby gemstone found in these areas is different from each other. In these regions, rubies can be found in a wide variety.

These ruby stones have red, orange and natural red.


Origin: Andilamena and Vatomandry


6. Afghanistan Ruby Gemstones:

The title of precious gemstones the ruby gets from these Afghanistan rubies. The mines of the Afghanistan rubies are in the Badakshan and Jagdalek regions.

Jagdalek produces a ruby that ranges from a faint to deep red color. The Jagdalek rubies have qualities not found elsewhere in the world.

The color of the original ruby stone found in this area ranges from light red to dark red.


Origin: Badakshan and Jagdalek