Different Cuts Of Ruby Gemstone

The ruby stone (also known as Manik stone) belongs to the corundum family and it is a type of sapphire. The fascinating red color of the ruby stone and the excellent physical properties of this stone have rapidly increased the demand for this stone.

The compelling color of this stone and which is just succeeded by the diamond stone helps in building the reputation of this stone in the market. Consequently, the price of ruby stone has increased rapidly over the years. Additionally, as per some reports, the price of ruby has surpassed the price of diamond stone in recent years.

This happens due to the rich color, shape, and cuts of the ruby gemstone. Today, we would precisely talk about the different shapes of ruby stones in which this stone is famously spotted.


Different cuts in Ruby Gemstone (Manik Ratna)

Round Cut Ruby Stone:

The round shape ruby stone reflects 58 facets of the red stone. And, the round cut ruby stone exposes the diverse facets of the stone and it appears enormously beautiful when it is worn in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets or pendants.

Princess-Cut Ruby Stone:

The princess cut ruby stone appears sober and delicate because of it’s exact square shape cut and excellent polishing. A princess-cut ruby stone disparate all the inclusions and impurities from the stone.

Therefore, the princess cut ruby stone is advised to be fixed in the rings and necklace. However, due to the distinct cut of the stone, it appears best.

Asscher Cut Ruby Stone:

The Asscher cut ruby gemstone is cut in steps consequently it reflects even minute details of the stone and looks highly appreciable when it is adopted in an engagement ring.

The incremental cutting of this stone resembles a waterfall model it exhibits even the smallest details of the stone.

Moreover, the brilliant quality of this stone and the clarity of this stone attracts everyone. Additionally, the price of the Asscher cuts ruby stone is high which puts a burden on the pocket of a person.

Emerald-Cut Ruby Stone:

The emerald cut ruby gemstone is identical to Asscher cut ruby stone beside one inclusion that an emerald cut ruby stone is majorly square cut.

The emerald cut ruby stone looks apprehensively beautiful when it is to be embedded in the rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Oval Shape Ruby Stone:

The oval shape ruby stone is cut in an oval shape symmetrically. The stone resembles the shape of an egg and looks decent to adopt in an engagement ring.

Pear Shape Ruby Stone:

The pear shapes ruby stone is shaped like a teardrop, with one pointed end and another rounded one.

Heart Shape Ruby Stone:

One of the perfect shape ruby stones that will definitely help you win the heart of your love interest is heart-shaped ruby stone. And, it is being considered one of the best cut or shape ruby stone for an engagement ring.


Cushion Shape Ruby Stone:

The cushion shapes ruby stone appears like a pillow with a square cut with a rounded corner. Since making, it better or perfect for an engagement ring.

These are the major shapes of the stone ruby. However, the ruby stone can also be cut into other shapes as well, however; the above-mentioned shapes are the most popular ruby stone shapes. You can check the ruby stone physically at shop.ruby.org.in