6 Points To Consider While Buying Ruby Gemstone.

6 Points To Consider While Buying Ruby Gemstone

6 Points To Consider While Buying Ruby Gemstone
6 Points To Consider While Buying Ruby Gemstone

Buying a high-quality ruby gemstone seems to be a daunting task for all gem lovers. Since there is a plethora of gem sellers and heap of information available over the internet which in spite of throwing light over the matter inherits confusion.

The instant emergence of new gem sellers who have no useful experience in this genre often sells people wrong or synthetic ruby gemstone which instead of bringing any positive consequences may infuse problems in his/her life.

Therefore, before stepping ahead to buy a ruby gemstone one must adhere to the following useful or significant guidelines.  Have a look on the 6 Points to Consider while buying a ruby gemstone

The color of Ruby Gemstone:

While buying ruby gemstone a person must pay special attention to the color of the stone. A real ruby gemstone is either dark red or light red.

The color of the ruby stone is influenced by the presence of chromium and aluminum. A rich color ruby gemstone is that stone which achieves more attention on these two elements.

Different Cut of Ruby Gemstone:

The cut or shape of ruby gemstone also holds significant importance which a person must take into account while buying a natural ruby stone.

The most popular cuts in which ruby stone is molded range from heart cut ruby gemstone, emerald-cut ruby gemstone oval cut ruby gemstone, and round cut ruby gemstone. Being shaped or cut in the following shape exhibits every minute detail of the stone.

Clarity of Ruby Gemstone:

Whether its ruby or any other gemstone clarity is the parameter on which a gemstone is either natural or synthetic.

Thus, while buying a ruby gemstone must observe that whether the ruby stone retains required clarity or not. Do not spoil your hard-earned money on a stone that does not possess rich clarity.

Different Treatment of Ruby Gemstone:

Many gem traders and sellers claim that they provide non-treated ruby or other precious gemstones. However, most of the time their claim or boast has no weight.

Since almost every gemstone has been treated or enhanced in some possible way. Although, it would be an exaggeration to say that every treatment vanishes the real or original characteristics of a gemstone.

There are many gemstones that require some essential treatments to enhance or improve the quality of a gemstone.

Hence, if you come across any treated ruby stone or any other gemstone does not get surprises since it is normal practice nowadays.

Although, the amount of treatment needs to be confine in a manner so that it does not surpass the natural value of a gemstone.

Carat of Ruby Gemstone:

While buying a precious ruby stone must consider the carat or weight of the stone. Since, as the weight of ruby increases so as the price of the ruby stone also increases proportionally.

Hence, before finalizing which stone you want to buy decide the number of carats you want to purchase because it increases the burden on your pocket.


Origin of Ruby Gemstone:

The origin of ruby gemstone also plays a significant role in the pricing and overall value of the stone. Burmese ruby stone is extremely costlier because of its app laudable color and physical characteristics.

The price of the Kashmiri ruby stone, Madagascar ruby are also sky-high due to their immense positive and rich characteristics.

Thus, the origin of a  ruby gemstone also contributes decently in enhancing the overall value of a gemstone.