4 Reasons Why Ruby Is Most Popular Gemstone Across The World?

The incredible glitter and shades are essential for any colored stone to the gemstone lovers.There are only a handfuls of gems that attains the stature of being called “precious stones.” And fortunately, ruby (manik)  gemstones amply obtains this stature.

The striking red color teaming up with the excellent luster is enough for drawing attention. . However, knowing these facts. Still, people love to pose this question to us that why ruby has garnered immense fame and popularity across the world? And how it is different from other contemporary stones?

Hence, in today’s post, we would like to throw light upon the reason why ruby gemstone is immensely popular among the gem lovers and what is the reason which makes it stand apart from other gemstones?


The below mentioned five points will justify and cement the position of ruby in the gem market. So have a glimpse over the below-given points, in case you have a doubt over the abilities of this stone. Let’s know the 4 reasons why ruby Is the most popular gemstone across the world?

Ruby Gemstone is at par diamond as far as price is concerned:

Since we know that a ruby stone possesses unique attributes such as color and luster, but the outstanding physical characteristic of this stone is not confined up to these particular characteristics only.

The color, cut and overall worth of this stone stand it at par with the precious diamond stone.

Having said so, sometimes the cost of ruby gemstone surpasses the brilliant diamond stone with ease. Some parts of the world natural and rare ruby gemstones have been sold at a higher price than diamond stone.

The enormous shades of ruby(manik) gemstone allure gem lovers:

Ruby stone is not spotted in only red color. it can be in light red color, dark red color, pink and with different variations in its color.

The vast varieties of shades bequeath user opportunity to select the best color according to their preference.

There are only a few gemstones available in the gem market, which offer broad color suggestions, and Ruby is one of them and therefore it is immensely popular.

Ruby Gemstones carries a plethora of astrological benefits:

Ruby gemstone is believed to be associated with the substantial planet Sun. Sun signifies health, wisdom, intellect, dignity, wealth and prosperity.

wearing this stone will prove immensely benevolent to those who have been suffering from health-related problems and financial issues.

before wearing this stone, must consult an astrologer because he/she can only guide you whether you should wear ruby or not.


The flexibility in the price of ruby gemstone:

The price of the ruby gemstone is not stagnant or fixed like other gemstones. Although, one can experience greater flexibility in the cost of this stone.

The cost of the ruby gemstone is entirely dependent upon the quality and number of inclusions in the stone.

The above quality of this stone makes it best pick as far as gemstones are concerned.

The cost of the ruby (manik) is affordable for each and every person irrespective of their income.

Thus, the above-mentioned four points prove that why red color ruby gemstone is so popular among the wearers.