Symbolism Of Ruby Gemstones

Symbolism Of Ruby Gemstones

Ruby is the precious gemstone. Ruby is the birthstone for those who born in the month of July. For thousands of years, ruby was considered as the stone of love, energy, passion, power for life.

Ruby is the perfect symbol for the powerful feeling. Ruby is known as Manik Stone in Vedic Astrology and used for astrological purposes from many centuries.

Ruby gemstone is known as Manik Stone is the stone of divine creativity. It boosts your energy level. It is one of the most powerful red stones.

Ruby Gemstone – Stone of King

Many cultures considered that ruby is the stone of kings. Ruby symbolism has many associations with power, wealth and protection. It is believed that wearing a ruby gemstone gives personal protections to the ancient people.

Ancient people believed that wearing ruby gemstone on the left, heart side of the body would assure them to live a peaceful life and nobody can take even their land and other property from them.

The blood-colored stone would protect them from all rivals and even protect their homes from storms.

Ruby gemstone

Ruby Symbolism And Blood

Ruby’s blood like the color has a strong association with this life-sustaining fluid. The ancient Burmese prized the ruby as the stone of soldiers.

The Inner Light of Ruby Gemstones

Ruby’s inner glow seems like that it contains the fire in it. Ruby placed in water could bring it to boiling water. There are the stories told that they emit their own light. Ruby is described as “shining like a torch”.

Living Rubies

All different rubies hold almost the same properties. In ancient times, darker rubies are called “male” and lighter rubies are called “female.”

Ruby stones are carved in ancient times and people believe that gemstones possessed special powers.

When people in the Middle Ages encountered gems with carved images, they believed that these gemstones were found in this way in nature. They never thought that humans work on these gemstones.

Ruby gemstone ring

Rubies & The Kalpa Tree

Hindus regard the Ruby as the king of all precious gemstones as it is more valuable than the other gemstones. The Mani Mala describes that the Kalpa tree offering the symbolic to the Hindu god.

This magical Kalpa tree bears the “Rubies” as fruits.

Dreams And Ruby Symbolism

An 8th century CE Arabic book describes the significance of dreams of rubies. Dreams of rubies indicate success in professional life.

If a king dreams of a crown set with red jewels such as rubies, this shows that they have great joy and fortune in their life, and they believe that their enemies would fear from him even more.

A Stone For Success

If someone wants to achieve success, want to increase wealth, protect themselves from harm, they should take the ruby stone to wear rather than any other gemstone.