Ruby gemstone or famously referred as Manik stone in Hindi has carved its name in the field of gems with its classic appearance and metaphysical properties.

Ruby Manik stone is accumulated from the different parts of the world Burma, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and America.

Ruby stone or Manik Ratna is placed on the list of precious stones along with sapphires, emerald, and diamond. It belongs to the mineral family corundum.

The stone displays a distinct red color due to the presence of chemical aluminum in the stone structure.

Ruby stone has been used for centuries for its ability to bring love, health, self-esteem, happiness, and wisdom to the wearer. However, to gain all these benefits in your life, you must take utmost care of your ruby stone.

Ruby Gemstone 4.8 Carats

Often, people complain that Manik or ruby stone loses its shine and luster over the time. Therefore, to restore the shine of ruby stone, you should polish it on a regular basis at home following these simple procedures.

Procedure to Clean and Polish ruby gemstones

  • First, remove your ruby ornaments and put it in the bowl containing warm soapy water or non-toxic jewelry cleaner for 10 minutes to soak all the impurities and grit from the stone.
  • Now abstract ruby stone from the water and use a simple brush with soft Bristles and gently scrub it for some time.
  • Try to cover the facets of the entire stone by rotating it in your hand. Dislodge all the harm particles glued around the stone.
  • Now again, rinse the ruby in clean water for 5 minutes to wash off soap or chemicals from the surface of the stone.
  • Now gently wipe off the stone with a soft towel and use it.
  • It is complementary to clean the stone on the regular basis to preserve the divine powers of ruby stone.
  • It is believed that one should change the stone after four years because it lost its powers after four years.
  • And if you keep on wearing it after four years, so it may possible that it affects you adversely. Therefore change stone after four years and polish it on the regular basis.