Star Rubies

What Is Star Ruby Stone, Meaning, Value And Origin

About Star Ruby Gemstone

Star rubies are a rare variant of ruby gemstone. The ability of the stone to form brilliant six ray formation is due to the presence of optical phenomenon called as “Asterism”. The star formation of stone can be best visible when it is under the single source of light such as “sunlight”.

Origin of Star Rubies:

Star rubies are a valuable and rare gemstone. They are principally mined from Sri Lanka, Burma, India, and Africa. Afghanistan, Cambodia and the United States.

From all of the above-mention sources, India and Africa are the most important regions which produce better quality star rubies.

What makes a star ruby different from a normal ruby gemstone is the presence of a number of inclusions. A ruby demonstrates a star effect due to the existence of heavy inclusions of a small fiber of rutile or silk.

The stars are by the light reflecting from needle-like inclusions of rutile aligned perpendicular to the rays of the star.

Star ruby reflects the star effect due to the presence of inclusion rutile. Star ruby is one of the gemstones for which inclusion is mandatory.


The star ruby gemstone is rare because it is difficult to find a high-quality star ruby gemstone which reflects the star effect.

The worth and rareness of this stone can be understood from the fact that even after mining 1000 pieces of corundum only a few numbers of star rubies discovers

Generally, the star rubies either does not attain good color quality or star effect together. Hence, the above explanation throws light on the scarcity of availability of this stone.


The value of star ruby can be decided by taking into account the following properties:

A star ruby stone will attain excellent sharpness and color brilliance. Besides this, the color of star ruby is excellent and possesses high intensity.

A star ruby is not totally in red color like a normal ruby stone. Although, the color of star ruby is purplish red, brownish red or pinkish red in color.

It is severe to find a perfect colored star ruby. Pink color star ruby stone is  the best ruby stone, which displays a perfect star.