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Similarities And Differences: Ruby And Sapphire Gemstones

Similarities And Differences: Ruby And Sapphire Gemstones
Similarities And Differences: Ruby And Sapphire Gemstones

Ruby Gemstone and sapphire, both belong to the corundum family. These both stones fall under the category of precious gemstones.

Apart from this, there are several other similarities and differences that exist between rubies and sapphires.

To find out what are the notable similarities and differences between the ruby stone and sapphire stone; go through the following points.

Similarities between rubies and sapphires:

On the front of hardness or rigidness, both rubies and sapphires are on the same page. The hardness of ruby stone is 9.0 on the Mohs scale (a standard tool which is used to measure the hardness of the gemstones); similarly, the sapphire also possesses the same hardness on Mohs scale 9.0.

Rubies and sapphires, both are extremely expensive gemstones. The reason is their rarity and ability to capture divine powers.

According to Indian and other mythological texts, rubies and sapphires have been acclaimed to be associated with the potential planet Sun and Saturn.

And wearing these stones will bestow the mystical powers of these planets in the life of its wearer.

Both rubies and sapphires belong to the same mineral family corundum.

As a precious gemstone, both ruby gemstones and blue sapphires can be wear during the auspicious functions such as wedding and engagement.

The dark red color ruby engagement rings and wedding rings are extremely popular among the gem lovers.

Similarly, the intense blue color sapphire ring and the necklace is prefer to be wear during the benevolent occasion of marriage and engagement.

It is extremely hard to find natural or genuine ruby or sapphire stones because of their rarity and expensiveness.

Therefore, nowadays gem sellers or manufacturers sell loose ruby stones or loose sapphire stones as a specimen of original sapphire and ruby stone.

Thus, it is easy to find loose rubies for sale or lose sapphire for sale in the market these days.


Difference Between Sapphire and Ruby Gemstone

The color of the ruby gemstone is dark or light red that happens due to the presence of the element chromium inside the stone that bestows this stone’s intense red color.

On the other hand, sapphire reflects different colors such as yellow, green, blue, etc. Due to the presence of trace material titanium, iron, etc.

The best quality blue sapphire gemstones are from Ceylon, Srilanka. On the other hand, Burmese rubies are consider to the best quality of the ruby gemstone.

Cushion shape , round shape, the oval and rectangular shape is consider as the popular shapes of sapphire gemstones.

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