Significance of Ruby in Astrology

Significance of Ruby Gemstones in Astrology

Introduction to Ruby Stone:


Lets know the significance of ruby gemstones in astrology

Ruby gemstone is the precious and valuable gemstones. Ruby made a loyal position from ancient times. It is valuable gemstones due to its attractive red color and hardness of 9.00 on Mohs scale.

Ruby is the variety of Corundum and the ruby gets its red color from Chromium. Ruby is also known as Manik stone.

Even the word ‘corundum’ that is used with ruby gemstone is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘kuruvinda’ and in Sanskrit Ruby is known as ‘ratnaraj’ meaning ‘king of all gemstones’.

It is one of the most magnificent gemstones on the earth. Ruby Gemstone comes in dark red to light pink color. Some clear rubies are even more precious than diamonds.

Astrology details of Ruby Stone:


Astrology is an ancient science of predicting the future. It tells us about things that will happen in our life much before they exactly happen.

  • In Astrology, gemstones are recommended according to the placement of planets in a horoscope.
  • According to Hindu Astrology, Ruby is recommended to wear as per the natal chart of the wearer.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, Ruby relates to planet Sun. The Sun is the strongest planet in the solar system.
  • The Sun rules our physical health and vitality and determines our self of ego and self-projection in the world.
  • A strong Sun makes a person very energetic and the center of attention.
  • If the planet Sun gives good results in someone’s horoscope, he or she must wear Ruby Gemstone to increase the power of the planet Sun in their horoscope.

Sun Placement in Ruby Stone:

Ruby is the gemstone that bears the qualities of the Sun and people who have a good Sun placement in their birth chart can wear Ruby to increase the auspicious results of the Sun.

If the position of the Sun is well-placed in one’s horoscope then, the energetic Sun gives a good reputation and dignified position to the native.

Strong and robust physical structure, stern skeleton, strong willpower, and self-dependence are the boons of the Sun which the wearer of ruby blessed with.

On the other hand, if the compelling sun is positioned in the negative houses of the horoscope of a person then the negative forces will give a negative impact on the life of its wearer.

Therefore, proper astrologer suggestions are required in advance before wearing ruby stone.


Sun: The Source of Life

With the rising of the Sun God the source of life, the entire world and all the creatures on earth return to life.

The sun rules the sign of Leo. The sun occupies the most prominent place in the Zodiac signs.

All the planets, stars and signs rotate around the Sun. This comes from the Sanskrit word Atma meaning soul and Karak. Therefore, as an indicator of the soul, the Sun is life.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby:

As we know, it is the stone of the Sun that signifies courage, power, and father. If a person has the positive effects of the Sun in his or her life than he or she will be optimistic and royal. They will be very confident and get all the success in life.

Here, are some astrological benefits of ruby stone:

  • This stone has a healing effect on the heart as it works with the blood flow. It kills the germs and reduces the infection.
  • It brings wealth, wisdom and health to the people born in July.
  • The wearer can also be safe from enemies and will be self-independent.
  • Lung disease, backbone related issues, and diabetes and hypertension can be handled by wearing ruby stone.
  • Wearing ruby gemstone helps in improving the communication and speaking skills of the wearer.
  • Those individuals who are facing professional problems must wear this stone.

General Characteristics of Planet Sun:

Hindi Name Manik
Planet Sun
Day Sunday
Cosmic color Orange-red
Rashi (Sign) Leo (Simha)
Metal Copper, gold
Direction East
Ring wearing finger Ring finger      (Centre finger)
Astrologically Gemstone Shape Oval, rectangular, square
Mantra Om Suryaya Namaha”
Sources Of Ruby Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Kenya, Nepal, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan and many more.