Ruby Stone Rings & Pendants Trends for 2018

Ruby Gemstone Rings And Pendants Trends For 2018

Ruby gemstone is known for its amazing appeal and everlasting charm. This gemstone is associated with the Sun, which is known to be the king of the zodiac. The nurturer and the vital energy provider, the Sun provides the much-needed support to the self.

The stunning crimson hues of a natural ruby gemstone make it a fashion statement and a preferred choice of those who opt for nothing else but luxury.

Symbolizing true love and fortune, the ruby stone is believed to boost the trust factor in relationships. This is the reason why ruby has become a widely demanded gemstone as a wedding and engagement jewel.

Let’s take a look at some rising trends for ruby rings and pendants for this year.

Heart Shape Ruby Pendant and Ring:

For every hopeless romantic woman out there, having a piece of heart-shaped jewelry is a must. Heart shape ruby makes a perfect choice for rings and pendants.

Jewelry designers crafting the perfect heart-shaped ruby gemstones to adorn rings, pendants and bracelets.

When it comes to choosing the right metal , then gold and sterling silver make good choices.

heart ruby pendant

heart ruby ring

Cabochon Cut Ruby:

From ruby pendants, necklaces to rings, this style of cabochon cut ruby gemstone, when paired with diamonds make an impressive trend for others.

This is a perfect choice for engagement and wedding jewelry.


Cabochon Cut Ring

Oval-Cut Ring:

The perfect companion of eternal love, the oval cut ruby stone rings are in great demand these days. You can easily find a wide range of designs in this particular style.

Complement the gorgeous red ruby stone with small diamonds to get a truly wonderful looking ring.

oval ruby ring

The unique pear cut of the ruby will make it an ideal pendant to have in your jewelry collection.

pear pendant

Emerald Cut Ruby & Diamond Halo:

A band of white diamonds when surrounding an emerald shape ruby, not just looks exclusive but also becomes a truly precious gift.

Not just a wedding or engagement ring, one can also gift it to the woman they love as an anniversary or birthday gift.

it’s all about celebrating love  – so, why not do it with a trendy design that’s crafted with the same perfection!

emerald cut ring