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Can Ruby Gemstone Be Worn By Leo Ascendant?

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. A person who is born between July 23 to August 22 falls under this sign.
Leo is a very independent sun sign conducts the element Fire. The red, green and orange are their favorite color. Should Ruby Gemstone Be Worn By Leo Ascendant?

Positive Traits of Ruby Gemstone:

  • Extremely confident
  • Outspoken
  • Jovial
  • Loyal

On contrary to these positive characteristics, Leo natives are generally being stated to hold these negative characteristics:

  • Stubborn
  • Melodramatic
  • Vain
  • Pretentious

Now people often ask what does wearing ruby gemstone help them to overcome these negative effects and bring favorable results in their life.

Can Ruby Gemstone Be Worn By Leo Ascendant?
Can Ruby Gemstone Be Worn By Leo Ascendant?

Why Ruby Gemstone Suits Leo Ascendants?

This question has often been put out because Sun is the governing force of the zodiac sign Leo. And, fortunately, Sun rules the precious stone ruby.

Moreover, as per astrological studies, ruby is the birthstone of the month of July and the zodiac sign Leo.

Given the above fact, it would turn out extremely favorable for a Leo ascendant to adopt red color precious ruby gemstone rings to obtain the numerous astrological benefits offered by the substantial planet Sun.

Sun denotes hard-work, communication, self-esteem, diligence, wealth, and anger, and blood circulation. Thus, wearing this auspicious stone ruby will bring all these benevolent characteristics in the lives of the Leo ascendants. Should Ruby Gemstone Be Worn By Leo Ascendant?

Ruby Gemstone 4.8 Carats
Ruby Gemstone 4.8 Carats

The Role Of Certified Rubies:

The certified ruby gemstones play a vital role in deciding whether Leo ascendant or any other user will perceive positive or negative results.

The quality of rubies actually makes a significant impact on the overall working of this stone in your life.

Wearing Ruby gemstone will attract more celestial powers from Planet Sun inside it and use this energy in the aura of its ascendant in bringing positive changes in his/her life.

Contrary to this, wearing a fake or loose ruby gemstone will only look fascinating but will carry rare influential powers with it and does not capable of bringing many positive changes in wearer life.

Thus, one should only buy certified ruby gemstones and adopt it only after getting permission from a renowned astrologer.

A Leo ascendant must wear ruby gemstone as the birthstone of the month of July because it will help them achieve  blessings of the planet Sun.