Ruby Gemstones Gradings: AAA Vs AA Vs AA


Planning to buy ruby gemstone to surprise your life partner on your wedding? But before proceeding ahead to shop for ruby stone, you should understand a few important aspects related to this stone.

Rubies are spotted in various qualities and shapes. These cuts and quality parameters of this stone determine its price.

However, in the lack of awareness and hurry to buy it people neglect these vital aspects which altogether ruin their purpose of buying this stone.

As we know that ruby gemstone is known to instill love and understanding in marital relations and keep away, all negativity which may pose a threat to your relationship and to justify the money you spent on purchasing a ruby gemstone; you must pay special attention to the quality factors of this stone.

This gemstone is qualified in four parts as far as quality is concerned and the quality of a ruby stone is primarily dependent upon the number of inclusions that resides in the internal composition of the stone.


What are inclusions in Ruby Gemstones?

Now, you must be pondering that, what do additions mean in gemstones? So, inclusions are nothing but foreign elements or particles which stay inside the stone’s chemical composition and responsible for enhancing or degrading the overall worth of the stone. Some inclusions intensify the value of a gemstone.

Since all rubies have some form of inclusions enduring within the stone. In fact, a natural ruby gemstone also contains few inclusions.

Therefore, you must be prepared for accepting that the stone which you are going to buy will have some inclusions.

However, it does not matter whether stone preserves inclusion or not, but what exactly matters is the quantity of those additions.

If a stone possesses few inclusions, then it is acceptable, whereas, if it contains a large number of compositions then it should not be purchased.

Types of Ruby Gemstone Grades & Qualities: AAA VS AA VS A :

Natural Ruby stone grade AAA

It is considered to be the most refined and natural ruby stone. There are only 10% of rubies available in the market, which falls under this category.

The color of these Rubies is medium dark red ” Pigeon Ruby Gemstone” is a perfect example of AAA grade ruby stone. These stones are mostly purchased by those who have no bar on the budget.

Natural Ruby stone of grade AA

They are slightly subordinate to Natural AAA quality ruby gemstone. There are 20 to 30% rubies found around the world falls under this category.

Though they are slightly subordinate in quality as compared to the original AAA grade, yet AA grade rubies possess high-quality attributes .

The price of Natural AA Grade Ruby stone is affordable.


Natural Ruby A Grade:

These grade stones include heavy moderation and foreign elements which degrade its overall quality. The color of these types of ruby ranges between light red to medium dark red.

The price of a natural A grade ruby gem is also quite low as compared to the types mentioned above.