Legendary Gemstones Rubies and Sapphires

Legendary Gemstones-Rubies and Sapphires

Legendary Gemstones-Rubies and Sapphires

Let’s talk about the Legendary Gemstones-Rubies and Sapphires-Ruby.org.in.

One of the finest creations on this planet earth, Legendary Gemstones are known to have influenced human lives with its mystical properties. Among the many stones, the legendary ruby gemstone and sapphire stones have been known for its beauty and magical powers.

Both ruby and sapphire have a rich history and it is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Kashmir region of India. As per Biblical and Quranic sources, a ruby stone was created from the blessings of Adam when he stayed insure Lanka.

Myanmar has a rich reserve of rubies and sapphire for more than 800 years. The earliest records for the mining of rubies go back over 3500 years in Myanmar.

The ancient Hindus thought-about rubies to be “Ratnakar” or the “ruby the king of precious gemstones”.
Thirteenth-century medical literature from the Asian nation claims that rubies might cure organic process disorders.

In the northern region of Kashmir, blue sapphire stones were revealed by coincidence. The discovery was made in 1881 when a landslide unearthed a rich cache of sapphire crystals.

The pure deep color and velvety look of the stones thus smitten the Maharajah, he shortly took management of the mines and halted the trade of all sapphires.

Historically, rubies and sapphires are among the most sought-after gemstones in the world, till the mines where these were found in abundance in the countries have been exhausted.

Over mining, political upheavals and limited supply from nature have made this high quality, stones exceptionally rare and valuable there are some mines still operational but maximum supply is artificial and the market seems to be flourishing in it.

Rubies and sapphires hailing from various locations exhibit many characteristics and each variety has a strong following of admirers.

Fundamentally, however, both ruby and sapphire belong to the corundum family with the hardness of 9 on the Mohs’s hardness scale only next to diamond. They have similar crystallographic and gemological properties and the only visible distinction is the color.

Corundum which is red in color is considered to be a ruby while any other color is considered to be a sapphire.

Gemstones get their color from trace elements i.e. they are allochromatic, meaning they are colored by impurities or trace elements in their crystal structure. Sapphire is blue in shade due to the presence of iron and titanium. In order to yield red color in ruby trace element like chromium needs to be present.

In terms of price, both are more or less the same but may vary depending on the several factors that affect the value and desirability of the stone. The 4 C’s – clarity, carat, color, and cut plays an important role in regulating the cost.

Flawless rubies or sapphires do not exist and clear rubies are extremely rare. A flawless ruby is even more valuable than a diamond. Its color ranges from purple to bluish red and orange-red.

Ruby is thought to hold key to peace and serenity and remove tension from life. Its other healing power is the removal of poverty. It is known to change its color according to the health of its wearer. Wearing ruby gemstone helps in securing eternal love and happiness.

Sapphire stone also is known as Neelam, is of the dark shade of blue color. This stone is known to provide wisdom and enlightened to its wearer. A genuine sapphire is known to heal individuals who suffer from heart and stomach problems.

Another variety, the yellow sapphire stone has a strong influence of the planet Jupiter. It has a lot of medicinal healing effects on various types of diseases and also helps in improving intelligence.
Finally, apart from its healing properties, Sapphires and rubies are a great way to add color to a piece of jewelry.

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