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How To Distinguish Between Real & Fake Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby gemstone or Manik is recognized as the birthstone of the Sun. The stone is of dark red color and it is an exceedingly valuable gemstone.

The structure the ruby stone is cubical. The dark red color ruby birthstone is termed being the highest quality gemstone. However, in recent times due to the presence of artificial gem makers, it is highly susceptible to trust a gem seller.

Thus, it becomes essential to know the right tactics to distinguish between synthetic and real ruby stone. Keeping in mind the above context, here we are pointing out some of the techniques which help in distinguishing between synthetic and pure ruby stone.

A real ruby gemstone will spread red rays instantaneously when it is kept under sunlight. Whereas, a synthetic ruby will disperse the significantly low number of rays when it is placed in sunlight.


To find out whether ruby is or high quality or not a person should rub it against a hard object such as rock or stone. Since ruby is an extremely hard material on hardness front the stone is next to mineral diamond only.

Therefore, it is not possible to spot any cracks in stone easily. A fake or artificial ruby stone will easily get scratched when it is grinding against a hard object.

A real ruby glow like the Sun when it is kept in the entire darkroom this is the ultimate proof of the originality of a ruby stone which a layman can check.

Another method which is highly feasible to find out whether ruby is original or not to put a ruby stone in light hot milk. By doing so, if the color of milk initiates to appear red or observe red rays extracting from the stone. Then it means that Ruby is real.

Place ruby gemstone at front of the mirror at morning. And, if one finds red rays beaming down of the mirror, especially toward the shadow area of the stone. Then, it truly indicates that ruby stone is valuable and of high quality.


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