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Grading Of Ruby Gemstone


Gem lovers often do not understand why few ruby gemstones are on sale at a higher price and why others are on sale at a low price. In fact, the above question sometimes pops up in the mind of a gem insider also.

The reason behind the above confusion is that the price of ruby gemstones or other precious gemstones is completely resolute on the basis of the number of inclusions, cut, clarity and certification of the stone.

Thus, A ruby gemstone with low inclusions, high clarity and cut will be sold at a higher price. On the other hand, a ruby gemstone with more inclusions, less clarity, and common cut will be sold at a low price.

Keeping the above concern in mind, below we have described in detail that ruby gemstones are classified into four types on the ground of quality. Here are the grading of the ruby gemstone(Manik stone).

Standard Grade Ruby Gemstone:

The stone ruby, which falls under this category is nominated as the least expensive ruby stone. Therefore, all those individuals or gem lovers who wish to subscribe to this stone can buy standard ruby gemstones.

The shine and clarity of the standard ruby will not exceed the determined standards of the gem market.

Nonetheless, those individuals who want to wear this stone, but don’t want to bear many burdens on their pocket. Finally, they should opt for the standard quality ruby gemstone.

The price of one-carat standard ruby gemstone will be between 1000 and 1500 which can be easy to afford as compared to other categories of ruby stone.

Fine Quality Ruby Gemstone:

The fine quality ruby gemstone is an upgraded version of standard ruby stone. The stone contains fewer impurities and more clarity, the luster that overall enhances the value of this stone.

Despite this, the fine category ruby gemstone still possesses inclusion that can be seen with the bare eyes. Nevertheless, the quantity of inclusions is bare as compared to the earlier one.

Therefore, due to enhancement in the quality of fine category ruby stone the fine quality ruby stone will cost in between 1500-2000 per carat.

Premium Quality Ruby Gemstone:

The premium quality ruby stones are a high-quality stone with bare inclusions and first-class color properties. It is barely impossible to locate any inclusions or blemish spot in the stone with bare eyes.

However, one can see bare inclusions in the stone with a 10x loupe magnifier. Due to its high quality, the price of this stone may range from 5000 to 10000 per carat.


Super-premium Ruby Gemstone:

The super-premium ruby stones are the finest quality ruby gemstone of all the grading of ruby .

The stone contains almost no inclusions and different varieties of shapes and color properties impress everyone.

However, the super-premium ruby gemstone is extremely expensive and it costs an arm and a leg to a person whosoever will purchase this category of the ruby gemstone.

Thus, If you want to buy ruby stone first consider the natural ruby stone before buying this stone.

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