Ruby stone Pendant

An Expert Guidance To Ruby Gemstones


Ruby is a precious gemstone that is truly appealing to people from all over the world. It is a gemstone that exudes unmatched beauty and luxury. An Expert Guidance To Ruby Gemstones –

Also known as Manik, the Ruby gemstone is believed to bring good health, love, and wisdom, Ruby is the birthstone for July born people.

This gem has the powers of the Sun, which is the source of vital energy. The Sun represents confidence, life, energy, passion, and happiness.

Ruby stone is believed to embody these mystical powers of the Sun and transfer them to the wearer. Formed naturally with minerals like Aluminum, chromium, oxygen, and iron, this gem has beautiful crimson hues that demand great value in the world of gemstones

What are the sources ruby gemstones?

Their formation depends on the combinations of trace minerals, which lead to a difference in their red color.

Natural Rubies comes from Mozambique, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Some of the other such regions include Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, etc.

Does the quality of ruby stones depend on their sources?

Just like the collection of minerals differ in different regions, so does the quality of gemstones formed from them. For centuries now, the Burmese ruby stones have been a thing of beauty, highly valued in various regions of the world.

This was particularly due to the fact that a Burmese ruby has a high presence of chromium, which makes the stone look perfect red.

The quality could vary as per the formation of the stone, but as long as the ruby gemstone is original, it will continue to demand great value in the market.

How can the value determined of ruby gemstones?

 Ruby gemstone price depends on its color, clarity, cut, and carat.

A deep red color ruby, vivid saturation and the fewer the inclusions, the better the stone is considered.

How To buy a natural ruby stone?

Rather than relying on any random seller, make sure you find a renowned and dependable gemstone seller who has been a part of the gemstone industry for many years.

When you plan to buy ruby gemstones, choose certified gemstones that are natural and not synthetic ones.

You should have proper knowledge about the difference between the natural ruby gemstones and fake ruby gemstones.

In any case, consulting with a gemstone expert or buying the ruby stone from the reputed gemstones dealer is important before you invest your money in a precious gemstone like a ruby.

What is the Price of Ruby Gemstones Online?

You can buy ruby gemstones from any origin online at best price. Here I am sharing the price of ruby gemstones at a wholesale rate:

Fine Grade Ruby Gemstone:  Fine Grade Ruby price starts from 525 INR per Ratti and 875 INR per carat.

Premium Grade Ruby Gemstone: Premium Grade Ruby price starts from 1225 INR per Ratti and 2041 INR per carat.

Super Premium Grade Ruby Gemstone: Super Premium Ruby price starts from 6025 INR per Ratti and 9640 INR per carat.