ruby gemstone

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is one of the most exquisite looking gemstones found in the history of the gemstone world. The ruby gemstone has garnered this reputation and name due to its distinguishing characteristics such as top-notch color, cuts, and treatments.

Due to its enthralling properties, the value of ruby gemstone has even surpassed the diamond on some occasions.

Meanwhile, the quality ruby gemstone has been collected from different parts of the world. And, high-quality ruby gemstones are found almost everywhere in the world.

Even though, sometimes these questions emerge between gem scholar that which origin ruby gemstone is best either it is Burmese ruby or Madagascar ruby or Indian ruby.

Nevertheless, if we go by gem experts view and history, then it would be appropriate to say that Burmese ruby gemstones are best ruby gemstones around the world.  The factors which lead this origin stone to grab this status is given below:

The Burmese ruby gemstones are acknowledged best ruby gemstone because of its intense dark red color which is the ultimate color and not finds in any other origins.

The pigeon red color ruby gemstone which is the best color in ruby found only in this area. Moreover, the color of Burmese ruby ranges from red to vivid pink in color.

A Burmese ruby gemstone durable and exception; it is one of the qualities of the Burmese ruby which allures everyone around the globe.

The popularity of Burmese ruby has not arisen recently. According to some sources that people used to adore and wear Burmese ruby from the last few centuries.

The proof of the above statement is confirmed by the fact that in the Burma mining of ruby gemstone initiated 500 years ago.  The famous mines of rubies in Burma are Mogok which is 250 km away from Myanmar.

The price of the Burmese ruby gemstone is considerably higher when it is compared to other localities or origin ruby gemstones.

However, the higher color characteristics and inclusions make this stone first and foremost choice of people around the world.

Although, nowadays, Kashmir’s ruby gemstone and Madagascar ruby gemstones have also been nominated for the best type or quality ruby gemstone.