Advantages Of Wearing Ruby Gemstone For All Zodiac Signs

Dec 23
Ruby the gemstone for Sun is acclaimed to be the one of the most impressive and effective gemstone among all other gemstones. The Sun which is identified as the source of life on the earth creates significant impact on all the living creature. It is also universal truth that without

Grading Of Ruby Gemstone

Dec 16
Gem lovers often do not understand that why few ruby gemstones are being sold at higher price and why others are being sold at low price. In fact the above question sometimes pops up in the mind of a gem insider also. The reason behind the above confusion is that

Different Cuts Of Ruby Gemstone

Dec 02
The ruby stone (also known as Manik stone) belongs to the corundum family and it is a type of sapphire. The fascinating red color of the ruby stone and the excellent physical properties of this stone have rapidly increased the demand of this stone. The compelling color of this stone

Difference Between Ruby And Sapphire Gemstone

Nov 25
Gem lovers always curious to know the difference between sapphire and ruby stone.  Since, there are very close similarities between sapphire and ruby stone that create confusion in the mind of an individual to distinguish between ruby and sapphire easily. Nonetheless, this article is intentionally written to resolve confusion in

Role of Ruby Gemstone In Business And Profession

Oct 05
Astrology helps humankind in solving problems related to health, relationships, financial issues pertaining to business or profession. Gemstones hold a vital importance in seeking remedies for such problems caused by misalignment of various astrological planets. One of the gemstones used for this purpose is the mesmerizing bright red ruby stone.
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