Difference Between Heated And Unheated Ruby Gemstone

Feb 09
Ruby is one of the valuable and most demanding gemstone in history of gemstones. There is a string of stories attached with ruby stone which shows the importance of ruby gemstone. This gemstone belongs to the corundum family and it is an extremely hard gemstone. It is registered being the

6 Points To Consider While Buying Ruby Gemstone

Jan 25
Buying a high quality ruby gemstone seems to be a daunting task for all gem lovers. Since, there is a plethora of gem sellers and heap of information available over the internet which in spite of throwing light over the matter inherits confusion. With the instant emergence of new gem
ruby gemstone

Why Burmese Ruby Considered As Best Ruby Gemstone

Jan 12
Ruby is one of the most exquisite looking gemstone found in the history of the gemstone world. The ruby gemstone has garnered this reputation and name due to its distinguishing characteristics such as top notch color, cuts and treatments. Due to its enthralling properties the value of ruby gemstone has

Ruby Gemstone For Marital Bliss And Marriage Related Problems

Dec 30
Marriage is one of the most important event of an individual life. It unites two different individuals from different societies and environments into the most valued relation which is the core of human development. Over the time, due to  so and so reason it is quite possible that problems surface

Advantages Of Wearing Ruby Gemstone For All Zodiac Signs

Dec 23
Ruby the gemstone for Sun is acclaimed to be the one of the most impressive and effective gemstone among all other gemstones. The Sun which is identified as the source of life on the earth creates significant impact on all the living creature. It is also universal truth that without
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