ruby ring for men

A Man’s Guide To Wear Ruby Studded Jewelry Items

Aug 24
According to orthodox believes only women have right to wear jewelry’s or they have an inclination toward jewelry items. However, even in the ancient times, we get strong evidences that men also appreciates wearing jewelry items, And, in this modern age where fashion has no gender and both men and
ruby gemstone jewelry

Surprise Her With Ruby Gemstone Engagement Ring!

Jul 20
Love, Commitment, dedication and loyalty are few best companions of a true relationship. Without the presence of this essential component any relationship can’t foster. And when it comes to choosing a life partner the value of these component increases many folds. Every person wants to choose the best companion in

Similarities And Difference Between Ruby And Sapphire Stone

Jul 06
Ruby and sapphire, both belong to the corundum family. These both stones fall under the category of precious gemstones. Apart from this, there are several other similarities and differences that exist between rubies and sapphires. To find out what are the notable similarities and difference between the ruby gemstone and

Should Ruby Gemstone Be Worn By Leo Ascendant?

Jun 22
Leo is considered as the fifth zodiac sign. A person who is born between July 23 to August 22 falls under this sign. Leo is a very independent sun sign conducted by the element Fire. The red, green and orange is considered their favorite color. Positive Traits of Ruby Gemstone:
Ruby Gemstone Parties Ring

Ruby Gemstone Rings Well Suited For Auspicious Occasions

Jun 08
It is proof that women all around the world appreciate wearing jewelry’s such as necklace, rings, bracelet and other jewelry items. Besides their well known craze for diamond jewelry items, recently there has been a new trend seen in their preference and choice as a jewelry. Gemstones due to their
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