Gem lovers always curious to know the difference between sapphire and ruby stone.  Since, there are very close similarities between sapphire and ruby stone that create confusion in the mind of an individual to distinguish between ruby and sapphire easily. Nonetheless, this article is intentionally written to resolve confusion in identifying easily between ruby and sapphire.

The ruby and sapphire stone actually belongs to the same family corundum. However, the color of ruby is red; on the other hand, the delicate sapphire reflects blue color. Thus, this is the basic difference between ruby and sapphire.

The word ruby is derived from the Latin word “Rubeus” which means red color. And, sapphire originates from the Latin word “saphirus” that means blue color.

The ruby gemstone is an excellent gemstone which has been originated from corundum family. The excellent red color of the stone is due to the high presence of chromium in stone. A real ruby stone possesses intense dark red color and have purple hues that incorporate with the dark red color to enhance the value of the stone.

In order to enhance the color and other properties of the ruby stone, it is introduced to various treatments that increase its appearance.

On the other hand, the sapphire is spotted in different colors ranging from blue, which is the major color and other subordinate colors such as pink, yellow, purple. The diversity of colors in this stone is due to the presence of aluminum material in the stone and traces of titanium, iron, and chromium. Corundum of all colors is acknowledged as sapphire, except two colors red and pink.


Both sapphire and ruby is solid minerals and on the hardness scale both ranges 9 which is just second to diamond in terms of the diamond.  Due to their hardness, these stones are populous among jewelry makers and gem lovers.


The Value of a gemstone is determined by measuring stones of various parameters on cut, shape, color and hardness. On the basis of the outcome of this measurement the value of a stone is determined. Consequently, the high-quality gemstone is very difficult to spot due to this high parameter.

Nevertheless, a ruby stone that possesses the above-mentioned characteristics, values more than a normal ruby or other stone. A high-quality ruby stone is that stone which contains few inclusions and encompasses all above mentioned qualities.

A sapphire is also termed as high-quality sapphire if it achieves the considerably higher number of the determine parameters to evaluate the quality of a stone. Thus, on the basis of the above qualities a sapphire is called of high quality if it qualifies on the above-mentioned quality parameters. The Padparadscha, the pinkish-orange sapphire are high-quality sapphires.

Origins of Ruby Stone and Sapphire:

The ruby stone is mined or excavated from Sri Lanka, U.S.A,  Thailand, India, Kabul.

Sapphires are mined from India, Rhodesia, Russia, Srilanka, Burma, America and Australia.

Uses of Sapphire Stone:

Sapphires are highly used in jewelry due to its stunning appearance and delicate shine. The plethora of color varieties that sapphire offers to its customer that also increases the popularity of this stone to be used in the form of blue sapphire pendants, blue sapphire engagement ring, blue sapphire earrings etc.. Besides this, the sapphire is also used in other fields of manufacturing semiconductors, windows for high-pressure spectroscope.

Uses of Ruby Stone:

The eye catchy ruby stone is largely used in jewelry items such as engagement rings on ruby stone, pendants of ruby stone, the bracelet of ruby stone etc.. It is also used to create semiconductor.

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