Types of Ruby-Gemstones

Different Types of Ruby Gemstones with their Origins

Oct 12
Introduction Ruby gemstone is the precious and valuable gemstones. Ruby made a loyal position from the ancient times. It is valuable gemstones due to its attractive color and hardness of 9.00 on Mohs scale. Rubies actually come from aluminum oxide or we can say from Corundum. Ruby gemstones come in
Friendly and enemy planets of Sun

Sep 25
Ruby is the naturally occurring gemstone. Ruby gemstone represents the planet Sun. Ruby gemstone is effective in safeguarding a person from evil spirits and helps in improving financial condition. As we know ruby gemstone also know as manik stone relates to the planet Sun. Sun is the central source of
Symbolism Of Ruby Gemstones

Symbolism Of Ruby Gemstones

Aug 26
Ruby is the precious gemstone. Ruby is the birthstone for those who born in the month of July. For thousand of years, ruby was considered as the stone of love, energy, passion, power for life. Ruby is the perfect symbol for the powerful feeling. Ruby gemstone is the stone of
Ruby ring

Ruby The King Of Gemstones For July Month

Aug 03
Ruby is considered as the “King Of Gemstones”. Rubies are rare and beautiful gemstones. No gemstone has been prized throughout history of the gemstones as the Ruby has prized. July is lucky to have such an amazing gemstone the “Ruby”. Ruby is the birthstone for July month. Those who born

Recharge Your Energy Level With Ruby Gemstone

Nov 25
Ruby Gemstone is not only famous for its graceful appearance, but it is also popular for having magical healing properties that will help a person to overcome serious health problems. Ruby stone contains several divine energies beneath its physical structure that assist in curbing severe health problems. The ruby stone
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