About Ruby Gemstone (Manik)

The captivating and magnificent ruby gemstone symbolized as the stone of principals, courage, love, passion and prosperity. The mesmerizing red color ruby stone is always praised for its excellent color, physical and astrological properties.  According to some historical text the ravishing ruby stone has exceeded all other stones in virtue and its value. Even due to its astounding properties the stone is often compared with the diamond.

As per astrologers the ruby stone is endorsed being the stone of monarch of the universe the Sun.  The Sun, which signifies life, courage, energy, passion and prosperity; it is said about ruby that all the impelling energies and the power of the Sun resides in this stone.

Thus, wearing this stone will cater all the convincing features of the sun in the life of its wearer. It is being said that ruby stone is the birthstone for month July and Leo sign.

Buy Natural Ruby Stone (Manik) Online:

The inclusions affect the quality of ruby stone massively. A ruby stone with fewer inclusions are termed as natural ruby stone, whereas; a ruby stone with large number of inclusions are termed as low quality ruby stone. Thus, on the basis of this ruby stone can be divided into following types:

Standard Ruby Gemstone:

Contains a number of inclusions that can be seen from bare eyes. However, the price of standard ruby gemstone is reasonable that allows people to purchase this gemstone. The quality of the stone is not brilliant yet it is quite benevolent option for those who want to wear this stone without spending too much money.

Fine quality Ruby gemstone:

The fine quality ruby gemstone will have less inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes.

Premium Quality Ruby stone:

The premium quality ruby gemstone is a high quality ruby gemstone. It encompasses only little inclusion that is barely seen with the naked eyes.  The cut, clarity and inclusions make this stone one of the best looking gemstone. Thus, considering the overall facts in the favor of this stone.

Benefit of Wearing Ruby Gemstone:

  • The ruby gemstone vibrates red light which is defined as the light of vigorous, energy, cheeriness. This light penetrates deep down in the aura of human being and emanates all the negative energies and promotes courage, happiness, cheerfulness, spirit of joy and aliveness.
  • The ruby stone also improves the communication skills and self confidence of a person which holds utter importance in today’s world.
  • The ruby stone possesses great healing powers that help in curing many serious diseases such as all blood related diseases, brain hemorrhage and mental diseases.
  • It also brings fortune and prosperity in the life of its wearer. Therefore, all those wearers who are suffering from financial crisis and misfortune should wear this stone.